the opportunity to see everything.

You will find video material that goes beyond what is permissible, which has been seen by only a few people from all over the world, material that has been bought and selected by us for years from all over the world.

в›” Not for everyone! в›” (immoral)

The material can affect your psyche, subconsciousness and inner world. If you have never encountered such a thing in your life, then think carefully whether you need it? After all, some life moments can be perceived differently in your head.

If you do not care about everything and you are ready to see the video in all its glory, then welcome

вќ“вќ“вќ“Why should you be in a groupвќ“вќ“вќ“

- without deceit! (as evidence, we can record a video of our correspondence with you and the group)

- the group is in the telegram which is convenient and safe

- you will see something that most people cannot even think of

- tens of thousands of purchased video materials from dealers from all over the world

- forever access / lifetime subscription + monthly top-ups

- the material is bought for the money of the participants who entered (i.e. your money will be spent on the purchase of the newest material)

- the total amount of material purchased at the moment exceeds 2000 euro. (i.e. joining a VIP group you already receive material for the amount of 2000 euro without spending your money in the future)

- we have the lowest price for this kind of content!

Payment and receipt

Payment only through

All payment methods are available.

Payment Methods:

Paypal / Card Visa or MasterCard / WebMoney / Bitcoin / Ethereum / Bank or Card BRL / Paysafecard


Can I get jailed for watching this content?


Can I leave the group for a certain time and then join again?

Yes, joining the group will cost 15 euros. (separate addition procedure)

How do you feel safe with this kind of content on hand?

In the telegram settings, you can put a password code (pin-cod 4 digits) and you don't have to worry) in which case you say that you can't get the pin code (forgot, amnesia, accidentally set it and I don't remember, someone put it to me) but this case is not will be).

If a group is blocked, how can I get into a new one?

Locks are rare for two years, we have survived only one lock, but we always have a reserve i.e. you will not get lost in any way and the content is saved.

How not to be deceived? How can I trust you?

How not to fall for a scammer when buying?

1 Swindler will never provide a live screenshot of the group.

2 Swindler will never make a live recording of the screen on the phone or on the pc showing your dialogue with him and what the group really is and what the video content is.

3 Scam will often try to placate you and keep a dialogue with you in favorite ways

4 Swindler often makes discounts

5 Swindler often uses a bot to pay


do not limit yourself - do not drive yourself into frames


Payment only through

sent a link to your telegram acount and the seller will contact you shortly (to create a link go to telegram settings - username)

if there is no chat window, then change the browser or wait for the site to fully load